One of the most significant requirements for maintaining an ISO 9000 quality system is that maintenance of records in preparation for both internal and external audits. In most cases recordkeeping is best done by a database. Many of the procedures that are available for free on the site are based on the use of a database for recordkeeping. I have developed a database to help simplify some of the most redundant and critical areas of 80 ISO 9001 quality system. This database was written in Microsoft access 2000. I am offering it to business in exchange for a link to this site. The database is offered with no warranty but it is yours to adapt and customized for your own business needs. The database includes a number of macros and modules to perform some of the more complicated functions.

The quality system database performs the following for functions:

  • It allows personnel within your company to enter engineering change requests. These requests sit in a queue waiting for the engineering manager or quality manager to assign them to a resource and give them an engineering change order number.
  • The engineering change order system includes an approval process and is designed to make engineering change orders are extremely quick and efficient while still maintaining the history required for ISO 9000. The engineering change order system also is fully searchable so that you can find out when and how changes were done.
  • The system also includes management of calibration and maintenance. The database will track calibration records and allow personnel to run reports that will show pending equipment before it it expired.
  • The quality management database also allows tracking of nonconforming materials. This part of the system is the main feedback for management reviews on nonconforming materials.

Together these four functions cover the main areas where a large portion of data processing is required in smaller companies. This database is a relatively simple database so they can easily be customized to meet your company's needs. It allows for different product lines, different personnel and different resources to help manage these processes. As a quality manager, I developed the system so that my quality staff could perform these redundant operations for me and allow me to quickly generate summary reports and get constant feedback of the status of the companies quality system. It also is a very good system because it reduces the amount of paper that you must manage and it builds an electronic history. As the company grows you will be able to export an upgrade this electronic history into bigger and better quality system databases.

QMS Database and Access Runtime 2000 (download)

* Included in our turnkey solution (QMS in a box)

** This database is fully customizable if you have a full version of Microsoft Access 2000 or later. The run-time version of Access allow the database to be used by unlimited users but does not allow design changes.

This product is also available FREE to businesses that link from their (PR3 or better) website to Just email us the location of the link and request a copy.

Here is an introduction to using our ISO 9000 database.