If your company is just starting the ISO 9001 certification process, the first few step are critical. Estimating the cost, timeline and level of resources to accomplish ISO 9001 certification can be complex. Our ISO 9001 Starter Kit is specifically designed to do just that. After working with many companies in the early stages of preparing for ISO 9001 certification, we have designed a product specifically for the first phases of ISO development. This kit will help you:

  • Understand the global requirements and justification for ISO 9001
  • Assess the basic level of your Quality System
  • Estimate the resources required to achieve ISO 9001 Certification
  • Build a successful ISO 9001 Certification project plan

The kit is designed to help you make many of the critical decisions required in the early phases of ISO implementation. It will help your company achieve ISO 9001 certification on time and on budget.


ISO 9001 Starter Kit (download)


* Included in our turnkey solution (QMS in a box)
* You will receive a $45 credit towards the purchase of other ISO 9000 Resources products.
* This product is available for immediate download.

This kit includes:

  • Introduction to ISO 9001 Quality Systems (Powerpoint)
  • Flow chart showing a typical ISO 9001 implementation (Word)
  • Sample Project Plan/Schedule with task-by-task breakdown of estimated requirements
  • Sample justification for the ISO 9001 project (Excel)
  • Simplified pre-assessment questionnaire (Word)
  • Discussion of typical results of the pre-assessment (Word)
  • Quality System Development Strategies Handbook (Word)

Together this series of documents allow you to assess your existing quality system and then construct a project plan. This package is deeply discounted because we are confident that once you try one of our products, you will come back and purchase other resources. All the documents in starter kit are in native format (Microsoft Word, Excel And Powerpoint) so you can adapt them for use in your project.


The ISO 9000 Resources Guarantee

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