The following sample objective can be used to help focus the organization. Select the ones that best meet the executive managements vision for the company.

The quality objectives should be meet 3 requirements. They should be customer focused. They should be measurable and they should be appropriate for the company vision. You can select as many as are appropriate. These goals should be maintained on a controlled document that is printed and posted around the facility. The objected should be reviewed at every management review meeting.

  • Focus on our key 3 markets [1]
  • Maintain a customer satisfaction rate of at least 97% (based on customer surveys) [2}
  • Provide turnkey solutions to our customers
  • Continuously improve product quality and process efficiency [3]
  • Reduce warranty costs by 10% per year
  • Reduce our manufacturing costs by 5% per year
  • Release at least 2 new products per year
  • Have a least 2 people trained or qualified for every task
  • Maintain a fair and creative work environment that respects new ideas and hard work
  • Reduce the Engineering Change Order (ECO) cycle time to 3 days
  • Reduce cost of non-conforming materials (scrap and rework) by 15%

    [1] The Objective can help focus the marketing organization in addition to the manufacturing organization.

    [2] Maintaining a customer survey program is a great way to fulfill several of the ISO requirements.

    [3] This can be measured by the ECO system.