Based on the standard, the executive management team must routinely review the status of the quality management system and the status of the quality of the company's product and services.

Review of the quality system includes elements such as follow-up on previous management reviews, review of quality objectives, approvals status and audit status.
Review of the product/service quality includes corrective and preventive action updates, customer review updates, process performance, and non-conforming materials summaries. The management review meetings should review both the quality system quality and the product/service quality. The results of the management meeting should be allocation of responsibility and authority to the areas that need improvement.

Sample Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to define the requirement for management review of the quality system

This procedure applies to all company personnel who are responsible for planning, development, use, and maintenance of the quality management system (QMS) at ACME.


4.1 Quality Manual. SQ0001

Management Review Records Notebook (kept in document control)

ACME promotes quality and customer satisfaction though periodic management review of quality data and reports.
The primary indicator of quality and customer satisfaction is based on periodic customer. Customers are contacted after their product is received. The auditor will request information about:

  • Quality of equipment, packaging, documentation, service and support
  • Outstanding issues or complaints
  • General Feedback

Poor feedback from a customer can be taken directly to the engineering manager for an ECR. If appropriate, the ECR with generate an ECO to resolve the quality problem. In some cases a project may be opened to track time in solving the customers problem.

In addition, ACME management will meet periodically and review quality data including but not limited to:

  • Legal Requirements including status of ISO certification and audits
  • Group discussion of customer survey information
  • Quality objectives
  • Organization chart (Quality manual)
  • Result of audits
  • Process performance
  • Preventive and corrective actions status (ECR and ECO status)
  • Follow-up of feedback from previous management review meetings
  • Planned changes that could effect the quality system
  • Recommendations for improvement

Each feedback point from the management review meetings should generate an Engineering Change Request. The group will meet quarterly if possible and once per year minimum.

A record of management review meetings will be kept as a quality record. It may be kept in paper or electronic form.